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What Is Timebank Grand Rapids?
A timebank is a system that helps people share services with one
another.  As a member you earn a time dollar by doing a service for
someone else. The time dollar you earn is “stored” in the timebank.
You can spend your time dollars by asking another member to do
something for you: childcare, a ride to the store, basic home repair,
or other services.  Timebank Grand Rapids is hosted by
Neighbors in partnership with Timebanks USA.

How Does Timebank Grand Rapids Work?
It uses an online database called Community Weaver to manage
transactions. You can post services that you are offering and
request services that you need. Community Weaver allows you to
select a "neighborhood" and one or more "affiliations" to promote
sharing among neighbors. Those that don't have online access can
simply call Oakdale Neighbors to arrange a transaction.

Who Can Join Timebank Grand Rapids?
Everyone in the Grand Rapids area is welcomed to join the
timebank for free. Anyone can earn time dollars: those who are
working, unemployed, disabled, elderly, teenagers, single parents,
business people.... Age, income, and mobility are not barriers to
joining the timebank.

How Do I Become a Member?
  1. Learn about Timebank Grand Rapids by attending an
    information meeting. Contact Oakdale Neighbors (248-2848)
    for times and places.
  2. Begin creating an online account.
  3. Or download this Timebank Grand Rapids application and
    bring it to Oakale Neighbors, the timebank coordinator.
  4. Oakdale Neighbors will inform you when your application is
    accepted and your account is activated.
  5. Begin trading services with other members.

Timebank Grand Rapids Manual (.pdf)
Timebank Grand Rapids Brochure (.pdf)
Timebanks USA
Michigan Alliance of Timebanks
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Timebanking UK
Community Exchange
Wales Institute for Community Currencies
The International Journal of Community Currency Research

Links to websites about local or complementary currencies can be
Timebank Core Values

Every human being has something to

We serve others and let others serve us.

We listen to and are accountable to one

Social Networks:
By helping each other, we build
communities of support, trust, and

Redefining Work:
All kinds of work needs to be honored
and rewarded.
Why Create a Timebank?

A timebank helps people work together
for the common good. It matches skills
and talents with needs in the

Through a timebank we:
  • get to know our neighbors
  • support and care for one another
  • build a sense of community
  • affirm one another’s contributions
  • promote equality and social justice
  • increase personal savings and
Timebank Grand Rapids