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Organizing and Action
I want to be a Lamppost or block leader on my block.
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A Lamppost or Block Leader is an individual (or household) that cares about his or her block.  He or she
communicates with neighbors, listens to their ideas, helps Oakdale Neighbors communicate, and shows
leadership in other ways. If the individual is a person of faith, Oakdale Neighbors' asks him or her to pray for
neighbors on the block.
Anyone can be a block leader! To get started, call Oakdale Neighbors at 248-2848
or submit the form below.  Oakdale Neighbors will provide support, encouragement, ideas, and training.  We'll
help you contact your neighbors and other block leaders in the neighborhood.

Resources for Lampposts or Block Leaders:
A manual for block leaders: The Block Book: Making Your Block a Great Place to Live
Finding neighbors on your block:

Property owners in the neighborhood can be identified by using
this search tool at the City of Grand Rapids'
Assessors Office. (Click "I Agree"-->"City Tax Data Search" and type a street name and range of numbers.)

Tenents and residents in the neighborhood can be identified by using
this search tool from
(Type a street name and zip code.)

Neighborhood Safety:
Oakdale Neighbors promotes neighborhood safety and prevents crime by helping neighbors be "eyes on the
street" as suggested by great urbanist, Jane Jacobs. We are creating a vibrant, walkable neighborhood of
residents that care about and watch out for one another. For more resources on crime prevention see:
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Information about the City of Grand Rapids code can be found HERE:
  • Unoccupied or Vacant Buildings
  • Property Maintenance
  • Litter
  • Abandoned Possessions
  • Disabled or Unused Vehicles
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Housing Maintenance
  • Animals
  • Zoning Restrictions