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Enterprise Development
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Oakdale Neighbors works with neighborhood residents and others to develop business plans and seek
resources for starting a business.

BizNiz is an entrepreneurship class than equips youth to start and run their own businesses.  The program is
based on material and curricula from
Entrenuity, Making Cents International, and Generation E Institute.  The
program can be organized as an in-school or after-school class, a 30-hour evening workshop, or a one-week
summer camp.  This fast-paced experience includes learning activities, discussions, business simulation games,
exercises, computer simulations, field trips and more.  By the end of the class, participants will have a plan for
securing start-up capital and launching their business.  
Research has shown that entrepreneurship education
can be beneficial for youth even if they do not start a business.

Business Planning
Oakdale Neighbors is eager to see businesses established and strengthened in the Oakdale/Boston Square
Mind the Gap, a study by Neighborhood Ventures showed that many resources "leak" out of this
neighborhood because residents are served by too few businesses.   Detroit has completed a similar study:
Detroit Neighborhood Market DrillDown. Oakdale Neighbors wants to do a detailed market analysis of the
neighborhood.  If you would like to help with this effort, click

If you have a business idea and want help developing a business plan, contact Oakdale Neighbors at 248-2848
or submit the form below.

Neighborhood Bike Shop
Oakdale Neighbors has established a neighborhood bike shop.  For more information, click HERE.

Other entrepreneurship resources include:
Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center
Teaching Kids Business
A Kid's Guide to Business Basics