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Enterprise Development
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Oakdale Neighbors works with neighborhood residents and others to develop business plans and seek
resources for starting a business.

BizNiz is an entrepreneurship class than equips youth to start and run their own businesses.  The program is
based on material and curricula from
Entrenuity, Making Cents International, and Generation E Institute.  The
program can be organized as an in-school or after-school class, a 30-hour evening workshop, or a one-week
summer camp.  This fast-paced experience includes learning activities, discussions, business simulation games,
exercises, computer simulations, field trips and more.  By the end of the class, participants will have a plan for
securing start-up capital and launching their business.  
Research has shown that entrepreneurship education
can be beneficial for youth even if they do not start a business.

Business Planning
Oakdale Neighbors is eager to see businesses established and strengthened in the Oakdale/Boston Square
Mind the Gap, a recent study by Neighborhood Ventures showed that many resources "leak"
out of this neighborhood because residents are served by too few businesses.   Detroit has completed a
similar study:
Detroit Neighborhood Market DrillDown. Oakdale Neighbors wants to do a detailed market
analysis of the neighborhood.  If you would like to help with this effort, click

If you have a business idea and want help developing a business plan, contact Oakdale Neighbors at
248-2848 or submit the form below. Businesses located in the Oakdale neighborhood or Boston Square
Business District are urged to access resources available through
Neighborhood Ventures.

Neighborhood Bike Shop
Oakdale Neighbors is establishing a neighborhood bike shop.  For more information, click HERE.

Other entrepreneurship resources include:
Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center
Teaching Kids Business